NIC Whois Passes 1,000 Downloads

At the Play Store, the NIC Whois android app has just passed 1,000 downloads. This is a specialized app which helps the user find the public whois data for many domain names.  Most Top Level Domains are covered including almost all two letter country code domains.  Some of the new generic Top Level Domains are not covered because they use a non-standard whois interface or do not have working whois services yet.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or from the sidebar on the left.  If there is sufficient demand we could produce an IOS version for Iphones and Ipads.

Don’t Turnover your Business Keys to Someone Else

If you do business and use the Internet to communicate with customers, this news story is important to you.

Limiting your online presence to free services like facebook, twitter, or instagram is like turning over the keys of your business to a stranger.  They control the customers and they decide how much of your communication gets to them and how much of their communication gets to you.

With your own domain name, you can point it to your facebook or twitter account as long as it helps your business.  The moment it becomes a hindrance you can point your domain elsewhere. You could even point to your facebook page, to your twitter feed, to your online store; the possibilities are endless.