The “Golden” Domain Name

For Mac Nagaswami, the founder and CEO of Carvertise, only a com would do. In his words “it’s the seal of credibility.”

Find out how this young man up with limited cash drove ten and a half hours (with his mom) to get the com he wanted.

Are You Prepared if Linked-In Goes Out of Business?

If you are in business, you should not rely on third parties to maintain contact with your customers. What are some examples of relying on third parties? If you store your contact’s names, email, and telephone number on your Linked-In account. If you direct your customers to your Facebook page instead of your own web site. If everyone who knows your business knows only an email address for you that is provided by Gmail. All those free services are provided by third parties who have no obligation to continue the services.

Are you prepared if Linked-In goes out of business? If you own your own domain name, you can point it to any web page, including a Facebook page. You can forward email addressed to to your Gmail account. Not only that, if for any reason you do not want to continue to use Facebook or Gmail, you can forward the same domain name (that your customers already know about) to a new web page or email provider.

Free Domain with Purchase Offer is Back

The free domain registration with new hosting purchase is back.  Get a popular .com, .co, .org, or .net with the purchase of most of our hosting plans.  Details, including how to claim you free domain, are in the prior post. Please read it because you have to put the hosting plan in your basket before adding your free domain during checkout. See basket for details. has also added some very favorable domain specials. Search any keyword you are interested in and see the huge discounts.  Finally there is an exclusive twitter offer. Follow us on twitter to see exclusive twitter offers. Unfortunately, with so many offers you may not combine offers (we might owe you money).  We apply the best offer you qualify for on checkout.

Email is the Best Way to Communicate with Your Customers

Most business people want to use the Internet to sell their products and to maintain contact with their customers. Having a web site is, of course, important. Yet a web site only works when people come looking for you. It is a good idea to have a way to reach out and initiate contact with your customers and prospects.

Many people use social media, such as facebook or twitter. A common tactic is to offer a discount or free product to people who “follow” your company on social media. Then you can reach your followers with important news and offers about your products. Actually a mailing list of the email addresses of interested people is the most valuable marketing media. Just take a look at the 5 Reasons Email Crushes Social Media

The name and email address of a person who wants to receive communications from you are more valuable than a social media follower.  Email vs. Facebook: Which Is More Valuable to Marketers

Now two warnings: I have unsubscribed from many email lists even though I was interested in their product because they sent me too many emails with too little value for me. Maybe you should send one email a month. After all it is an extraordinary privilege to get the attention and time of your important customers. More importantly, every email should give something of value to the customer, every email, without fail. As soon as a prospect subscribes to your email you should send a thank you email with a discount coupon. Then you should wait before you bother them again.

The thing of value in you email does not have to be a “price off” offer. It can be valuable advice. You are an expert in your business field, spread a little bit of your knowledge to the people who make your paycheck possible.

How do you acquire an email list? If you have a Managed WordPress business site, you can add the free Email Subscribers plugin that allows visitors to your site sign up for future email newsletters. It even helps you create a newsletter to send to your subscribers.

With Email Marketing you can add email list creation, management, and operation to any web site and even manually add customers and interested people to your list. You could ask at every sale “would you like to receive emails when we have discounts or new products?”

Our products cannot be used to spam people who do not want to hear from you. You want to use your own custom domain in business email. Simply seeing your business name in every email is a marketing and brand building step.

NIC Whois Passes 1,000 Downloads

At the Play Store, the NIC Whois android app has just passed 1,000 downloads. This is a specialized app which helps the user find the public whois data for many domain names.  Most Top Level Domains are covered including almost all two letter country code domains.  Some of the new generic Top Level Domains are not covered because they use a non-standard whois interface or do not have working whois services yet.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or from the sidebar on the left.  If there is sufficient demand we could produce an IOS version for Iphones and Ipads.