More Super Bowl Ads Feature Domain Names

For the first time in years more Super Bowel Ads feature the advertiser’s domain name (in a URL or Uniform Resource Locator) than a hashtag. This article has an excellent summery of the sixty six advertisements. Thirty nine percent featured a domain name while thirty percent featured a hashtag.

It is foolish for a business to send customers to anyplace other than its own store. Advertising to send your customers to a site where your competitors have a presence is self defeating. It might seem trendy to promote your social media presence but it is not good business.

When you promote your domain name, you control where the customer goes and what is there.

The “Golden” Domain Name

For Mac Nagaswami, the founder and CEO of Carvertise, only a com would do. In his words “it’s the seal of credibility.”

Find out how this young man up with limited cash drove ten and a half hours (with his mom) to get the com he wanted.

Free Domain with Purchase Offer is Back

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Don’t Turnover your Business Keys to Someone Else

If you do business and use the Internet to communicate with customers, this news story is important to you.

Limiting your online presence to free services like facebook, twitter, or instagram is like turning over the keys of your business to a stranger.  They control the customers and they decide how much of your communication gets to them and how much of their communication gets to you.

With your own domain name, you can point it to your facebook or twitter account as long as it helps your business.  The moment it becomes a hindrance you can point your domain elsewhere. You could even point to your facebook page, to your twitter feed, to your online store; the possibilities are endless.

Free Domain Offer

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